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TOMB RAIDER Workout – Billy Beck III in INDIA

Filmed Live in New Delhi, India. This workout is called the TOMB RAIDER (for obvious reasons). Watch the video for a special guest appearance of wild man, Nick Sethi, and if you are lucky Angelina Jolie will come busting out of the Tomb as Lara Croft!
1. 20 Walking Lunges Arms Overhead Twist
2. 10 Push-ups
3. Run 20 meters
4. Cliff Hangers 10-30 seconds
5. Repeat but perform only 9 push-ups this time. Next time, do 8. Keep going until you hit 1 then if you have it in you then go back up to 10. That’s a total of 110 push-ups, 400 walking lunges and almost 3 minutes of hanging by your finger tips.

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Physical Training - Workouts

How to Use Body Fat Calipers

In this video Billy Beck III, gives you the scoop on how to properly use skinfold calipers to estimate body fat percentage. Most personal training courses do not teach the specifics on how to use calipers. This creates a lack of confidence in many trainers which results in either the trainer not measuring or inaccurately measuring. At BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center, we use both Harpendon Calipers via Charles Poliquin‘s Biosignature Modulation technique as well as the latest innovation, Ultrasound to determine body fat percentage. In either case, our staff is trained for 12 weeks on the use of calipers and ultrasound. Each client and athlete is measured at least every 4 weeks and then based off of those results we then create or modify the training, nutrition and supplementation plan to meet the client’s specific goal. It takes more than just going through workouts. There is an art and science to physical change and measuring accurately is a foundational component. If you are not assessing then you’re guessing.

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