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Resistance Training 101: Why are lifting weights so important? Should women do it too?

(excerpt of best selling e-book LEAN & Mean: Fat Burning Secrets of the World’s Best Personal Trainer by Billy Beck III)

Resistance Training 101: Why are lifting weights so important? Should women do it too?

Jamie "Big J" Dalton - One of the Super Trainers at BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center knows the value of Resistance Training

Why are lifting weights so important?

1. If you only do aerobic exercise and diet then you will lose muscle. Simply put, if you don’t use it – you lose it. Muscle tissue must be challenged with resistance in order to be stimulated (irritated).

2. Muscle speeds your metabolism. For each pound of muscle you have on your body, you will burn about 50 calories a day just sitting around.

3. Muscle is where fat is burned. Each one of us is born with a certain number of fat cells that we will always have. However, the determining factor in our health and appearance is whether the fat cells are full or empty. In order to release the contents of the fat cell, the fat cell must be transported into the muscle cell specifically to the mitochondria. This organelle Read more

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WESTON, SOUTH FLORIDA – Recently our entire team at Billy Beck III Personal Training & Performance Center decided it was time to step up our game.  Knowing that before we lead others to greatness we must first travel the path, we put together a series of events that are designed to breakthrough comfort and fear first, the next event is about GRATITUDE and the final event is INTEGRATION or TEAM WORK. Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger said it best, “It is not the body that fails first, it is always the mind.”  When  it comes to burning fat, getting lean and losing weight it always begins with mental conditioning.