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Inspiring the World to Live Greatly – Billy Beck III

Live Greatly - BB3


11 Responses to “Inspiring the World to Live Greatly – Billy Beck III”

  1. This is the video trailer that we played as an intro to our BB3 BREAKTHROUGH seminar. Gregg Avedon masterminded this video with Jeremy McDermott! Both Jeremy & Gregg went above and beyond to get it done on time. I saw it for the first time at 6pm and the seminar started at 7pm. lol! I love it!

  2. Mighty Mouse says:

    This is what BB3 is all about!! No other gym like it!

  3. Farg says:

    AMAZING VIDEO! Everytime I watch this I get a little more motivated. I just came back from a great training session and after seeing this again I’m ready to turn right around and go back for more!

  4. B. Francis says:

    How could you possible choose to train at any other facility than BB3 after watching that! Truly the most inspiring and educational place to be when taking your health & fitness to optimal levels.

  5. Hands Down the World’s Greatest Gym!!!

  6. C. Kaye says:

    This is amazing! You guys did an awesome job on the video!! BB3 was the best gym and support system I ever had. Miss everyone there!

  7. What an Adrenaline rush! You are such a Leader in the Fitness World, and a great inspiration. Thank you! The VMan

  8. Hey Christine! We miss you! You’re the Best girl!

  9. HEY VMan!!! The Man, The Myth, The Legend! I miss you brother! Let’s catch up soon! We need to do a video for together. I would love to interview you. That would inspire a lot of people. No Doubt!

  10. Gregg says:

    This was a fun project to put together. First of all, we took a kick ass facility and made it look like something out of a James Cameron flick, then was added BB3 himself and a supporting cast of BB3 trainers and members and WALA…this was the result! Inspiring, moving, and soemthing that creams “let’s get lean and mean!”

  11. Paul G says:

    This video is amazing. Thats why I love being apart of BB3. Everything we do, we give it 110%. Show me another gym that has a cooler video that shows what they got.