9 Responses to “Gregg Avedon shows us some bicep workouts”

  1. Gregg is a tremendous friend of mine and an inspiration…and he has some serious GUNS!!! This guy trains like Auh-NOLD in his prime! Since we work together at BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center ( You will be seeing more of him on
    If you have a specific question post it in the comments below and we will answer it for you!
    Live Greatly!

  2. Farg says:

    What do you think is best for the peak while doing preacher curls…..the curl bar or a straight bar?

    BTW- Love the Avedon version of concentration curls. Cant wait to give those a try!

  3. Farg: Since the Biceps bend the elbow and turn the hand palms up (elbow flexion and supination) , the straight bar will provide the strongest contraction in the biceps. However, many people have limited ROM (Range Of Motion) in the wrists and using a straight bar is out of the question as the wrist pain limits the movement. If this is your predicament then opt for Dumbbells instead. Great question brother! I will get Gregg on here to throw down some knowledge too!

  4. Gregg says:

    Farg, Hey brother. I know all too well that using a straight bar for preacher curls will cause too much tension on the elbow, especially if your form is perfect (which I know it is!). Just hold a straight bar at the top of the motion and you can already feel a slight tension on your wrists and possibly along your radialis (the muscle running down the side of your arm).
    Of course the key to a solid peaked biceps, especially on preacher curls is the supination and range of motion (ROM) collectively. The only time that I use half reps on a preacher curl is when I’m doing 21’s (7 reps half way down/7 half way up/7 full). Bottom line is that you want to use an EZ-Curl bar on the preacher stand and like Billy mentioned above, if that’s causing any pain in your wrist or elbow go with dumbbells.
    Now let’s get BIG and SHREDDED baby!

  5. Juan says:

    Great tips Greg! can’t wait to try them tonite..i guess i was missing that supination at the end of the curl. Also for the life of me, my biceps resist to grown on size , what will you recomend aside from standing barbell curls ?
    ps: love your concentration curls

  6. Gregg says:

    Juan, sounds like it’s time for you to “Run-the-Rack!” This is a good way to coax your biceps out of a dormant state. I perform this on myself and my clients about once a month as a finisher to an arms workout.
    Start at the light end of the dumbbell rack with the 15 lb. dumbbells and do alternating curls for a total of 12 reps. Then go up the rack incrementally (20’s, 25’s, 30’s, 35’s, 40’s, etc.). Try to get 12 total reps each time you go up until you’re only getting 6 total reps. You might get as high as 55 or 60 lb. dumbbells!
    THEN you head all the way back down the rack (still trying to get 12 total reps each time) until you reach the 15’s again. By this time you should be crying like a baby. Wipe your eyes and pick up the 12 lb. dummbbells to finish by pounding out as many hammer curls as you can.
    I like to finish with a protein shake spiked with about 5 grams of L-Glutamine.

  7. Juan says:

    OUCH! Gregg! that really made crying!! thanks for the tip..this is a great website

  8. karthik says:

    every muscle seems to be asymmetrical for me.. chest,biceps,triceps,everything.. a little variation in size is acceptable i know but the shape itself varies. for example one chest seems rounded and the other seems flatter.. i really donno what to do.. and also as i come to the last few exercises during a workout i start to shiver.. my legs shake as i try to do the exercise.. pls help me.

  9. karthik says:

    is stretching a good way to balance out unequal muscles??