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Cardiovascular Conditioning: The Sphinx

Cardiovascular Conditioning: Egyptian Style

Here is an interval training program that I have used to successfully rip off fat from my clients.  Be forewarned this is not for beginners.  If you currently refer to “shopping” or “working in the yard” as exercise then this is not for you.  Call Richard Simmons and sweat to the oldies, this is for advanced exercisers only.

The Sphinx

5 minute pyramid followed by a 10 minute pyramid followed by yet another 5 minute pyramid.

  • Increase resistance or intensity by 1 level every 30 seconds for 5 cycles.  This will equal 2 ½ minutes
  • Once you achieve the highest point then begin decreasing by 1 level every 30 seconds until you are at your beginning level.
  • Increase resistance or intensity by 1 level every 30 seconds for 10 cycles.  This will equal 5 minutes
  • Once you achieve the highest point then begin decreasing by 1 level every 30 seconds until you are at your beginning level.
  • Then repeat by increasing 1 level every 30 seconds for 5 cycles and then decreasing as done previously.
  • Cool down as needed.

This protocol will take 20 minutes not including the 3 minute warm-up and cool down.

No matter what the program or workout you must challenge your body with resistance. As former Heavyweight Boxing Champ, Gene Tunney stated, "Muscles EXPAND by DEMAND."


13 Responses to “Cardiovascular Conditioning: The Sphinx”

  1. Tina says:

    Ok, Mr. Billy Beck III 🙂 This is a HARD one !!!!
    I went on the stairmaster and did it, but had a HARD time 🙂 I looked like something the cat brought in after 🙂 How often do you have your clients doing this one ?

  2. NICE Tina! Way to get after it! When the goal is fat loss I have clients perform interval cardio conditioning protocols like this one 3-6 times per week. Begin with 3x per week and then modify the frequency based off of body composition changes. Keep me updated!

  3. Tina says:

    I am READY !! Thank you Billy 🙂

  4. john says:

    I am kinda confused with this…I’m doing this on the treadmill and every 30 seconds I am increasin the speed by 1 kmph…is that right?

  5. Hey John, If you are on the treadmill you can do this two different ways:
    1. You can increase speed by 0.5 mph every 30 seconds for 2.5 minutes then go back down in the same fashion. That is, decreasing 0.5 mph every 30 seconds for 2.5 minutes.

    2. the other option is to increase the incline on the treadmill every 30 seconds. I suggest going from 0 to 3 to 6 to 9 to 12 and then go back down. Since most treadmills only go to 12 incline. Some treadmills like the ones at BB3 Training center go to a 30 incline. If that is the case for you then feel free to increase the incline further.
    Remember CHALLENGE CREATES CHANGE so whatever you do be certain it is challenging for you.
    Tear it up John!

  6. john says:

    Thanks Billy! Much appreciated. Another question i have is that I am quite a sporty person therefore i do a lot of sprinting. Do you think it would be best if i did cardio exercises which involves short bursts of sprinting back and forth?

  7. John, when it comes to training I always recommend activities that you enjoy. Sprinting is a great option too! I would use a 1:3 work rest ratio. That is, sprint for 100 yards (say it’s 15 seconds give or take) so you would rest 45 seconds.
    an effective sprint protocol for fat loss would look like this:
    warm-up: dynamic movements (agility ladder, butt kickers, carioca, back pedal, multi-directional lunges etc.)
    Progressive warm-up: 70-80 percent of max effort 5 sets
    you should be sweating by this point.
    then 10 sprints (15 seconds) 45 seconds rest.
    Then 10 striders at 60% of max effort
    followed by static stretching.

    This is just one of an endless number of effective protocols. As long as you challenge your body consistently and enjoy the process you are on the path to physical mastery.
    Kick butt John!
    thanks for the question!

  8. john says:

    Thanks Billy! I’m constantly challenging myself and im seeing improvements fast! Thanks for the tips!

  9. alex says:

    hey billy…since you have replied to john on this post i decided to ask a question here which is when are you going to update the master plan on your website? it only has weeks 1-3 not 4-12

  10. john says:

    Billy what startin speed do you suggest for the sphinx? THanks

  11. Hey John, That is really going to depend on your current fitness level. Try start at a slow jog (5.0mph) and see how it goes. You can always modify it from there.

  12. Hey Alex, The MASTER PLAN in its entirety will be part of a new site we are about to launch called That is where I will be personally coaching and providing workouts, nutrition plans, and all kinds of RESULTS-DRIVEN info. Since you asked though. Check your e-mail. You might find something there.

  13. karthik says:

    hi billy!
    will doing “the sphinx” increase pressure in my eye?.. i’m highly myopic (-10.5) and i’m very much worried about retinal detachment