Free Chapter: “LEAN & Mean: Fat Burning Secrets of the World’s Best Personal Trainer”

(excerpt from LEAN & Mean by Billy Beck III)

Chapter 7: Beyond 7 Days…

After one of my clients completes the first seven days successfully I know that it’s time to take it to the next level. Depending on the client’s goal the steps vary. For instance, a performance athlete looking to rehabilitate an injury and his wife who is looking to lose 15 pounds of fat are not going to be on the same plan. To simplify, I am going to assume that your goal is to cut your body fat in half in 3 or 4 months. This is a challenging but realistic goal.

Are you ready?

It really comes down to…How Bad Do You Want It?

On a scale of 1 to 10 rate your desire to achieve your physical goals.

If you are currently at an 8 or less then your top priority must be mental conditioning. Otherwise, your motivation will fizzle out and will soon leave you frustrated. I suggest you take the following actions:

1. Find a picture of your Ideal Body and put a copy of it everywhere. In your car, your wallet, your bathroom mirror and also your refrigerator.

Growing up my hero was Arnold Schwarzenegger. I had his picture everywhere. It served as a constant reminder of what my goal was. Whenever I was craving tacos or donuts I would see Arnold’s champion physique and ask myself in a thick Austrian accent, “Did Auh-nold eat tacos and donuts to achieve his body? Hell No!” Then I would eat a High Octane meal and feel great about my choice!

2. Perform 10 minutes of 4X4 Breathing & Visioning Exercises every day.

3. Create Leverage. Write down all the reasons why you must change. Then write down how your life would be different once you are living in your all-time best body. Do this and really feel it.
4. Build a support team around you. Often times, people are affected by what others think of them. This is human and is nothing to be ashamed of. However, when it takes away from your life and crushes your goals then it is absolutely unacceptable. You must decide that you will do whatever it takes to achieve the body you deserve. No one can take it away from you unless you let them.  Negative people (aka “neggies”) may be surrounding you. If this is true, then right now commit to create a fortress of positive minded, supportive friends and family around you. Like I said earlier you cannot always eliminate all the “neggies” but you can certainly maximize the positive people and things in your life.
5. Get a Coach. What does Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning and every other professional athlete have in common? Yes, someone who holds them accountable and guides them to make the best decisions and take the most effective actions. Personally, I have had and still have coaches in various areas of my life. When I want to learn something I go to the best of the best and discover the strategies, knowledge and tactics that get results in the fastest time possible while minimizing mistakes. I suggest the same to you.

If you are at a 9 or higher then you are ready to take on the challenge before you…

The BB3 Ultimate Fat Burning Strategy

There are various levels so that the program can be adapted to anyone from a beginner with little or no exercise experience to even the most experienced and conditioned athlete. Also note that the main objective of this 16-week plan is to decrease body fat while improving health, endurance, energy, strength and performance. I despise training someone merely for aesthetics. Being all show and no go is a waste of time but almost always leads to temporary results. The goal of every protocol I put together is to create the look of a super hero and the ability to back it up with greater strength, energy, vitality, health and athleticism. That’s what being LEAN & Mean is all about. Being your best in every way possible.

Here is how I typically layout a fat burning protocol.

Step 1: 7-Day Challenge

This essential first step is designed to educate and ingrain the foundational habits necessary to achieve physical change. It creates unstoppable momentum to tackle the next step.

Step 2:  Detox & Cleanse to Maximize Physical Change.

Duration: 3 weeks

After speaking with many physicians, doing extensive research and applying what I learned, I soon discovered an eternal truth: the human body is designed to be lean, strong and athletic. It is not designed to be fat, painful and diseased. Excessive fat, painful joints, headaches, digestive problems, brain fog and fatigue are all symptoms of toxicity and inflammation in the body. Toxicity and inflammation are the root cause of these and numerous other symptoms. With that said, the greater your body’s internal workings the greater your external appearance. The greater your energy…the more dynamic your vitality and strength! This is the purpose of the 21-day detox and cleanse. The 21 day detox and cleanse consists of a proven nutrition and supplement strategy designed to remove stored toxins and decrease inflammation throughout the body. Unlike a lot of programs out there you won’t have to worry about harsh side effects and emergency bathroom runs.

The exercise program is focused on correcting muscle and structural imbalances in the body. Muscle and structural imbalances are like having the wheels on your car misaligned. We all know what happens. The tires don’t last as long and the vehicle’s performance decreases. In the human body, these imbalances eventually lead to nagging aches and pains and oftentimes, injury. As you can see this step is critical to every person’s life whether they are a grandparent or an elite athlete. The best side effect of this phase is that the body can now better absorb and assimilate the foods you eat allowing for even greater fat loss, muscle gain and performance!

Step 3: Metabolic Enhancement

Duration: 3 weeks

This phase is designed specifically to add lean muscle, boost metabolism and burn fat. This protocol works to improve hormonal balance specifically the stress hormone – cortisol. The physical training consists of full body workouts that circuit Level IV & V OH Sh!t movements. This type of training creates both a muscle building and cardiovascular effect. (Your heart will be pumping!) My clients experience a drop of 0.5-1.0% body fat each week during this phase. Other benefits clients often experience are improved quality of sleep, greater energy, and enhanced mental focus; less frequent mood swings and improved strength and endurance.

Step 4: Incinerator: Fat Burning Protocol I

Duration: 3 weeks

This protocol is works by training each muscle until it “burns.” The burn is caused by the production of lactic acid. The body’s responds to the excess acidity by producing greater amounts of growth hormone, which optimizes fat burning, add leans muscle and speeds metabolism.

Step 5: Inferno: Fat Burning Protocol II

Duration: 3 weeks

Inferno is the next level of fat burning and as the name suggests is more challenging than the previous phase. In this phase, the training volume is increased and we also begin to manipulate the eating strategy to further speed the fat burning process. You may be tempted to skip ahead to this program but I warn you to stay the course as each protocol builds off the next. I trained some young, energetic NHL players who begged me to jump into this phase. Eventually we came to the agreement that we would perform the Inferno for one week and re-assess from there. Long story short, they revoked their request after only 2 ½ days. It was too much too soon even for these guys.

Step 6: Hell-Fire: Advanced Fat Burning Protocol III

Duration 3 weeks

Hell-Fire as the name suggests burns like H-E-double hockey sticks! It is that burn that spurs the release of fat burning hormones. Again in this phase specific nutritional changes such as carbohydrate cycling create even greater loss of stubborn fat. At this point, in the program momentum is carrying you through. You have forged the mindset of a champion athlete who’s not training to merely participate but you are here to conquer. It is during these last few weeks where you begin to realize your physical goals. Imagine how great it is going to feel to achieve such a magnificent feat. You cannot argue that the one achievement in life that is universally respected across the globe is attaining physical excellence and discovering your full potential.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” -Goethe

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  1. ted johnston says:

    Hey Billy – I ran came across this excellent quote in a magazine recently on keeping
    focused and thought of you and your team – obviously a very focused group of people!
    It is from Winifred Gallahger from her book Rapt…looks pretty interesting on living a
    focused life in a our very busy and distracted world. “If you could just stay focued on the
    right things, your life would stop feeling like a reachtion to stuff that happens to you and
    become something that you create: not a series of accidents but a work of art.” Goes
    along with your advice to create your own materpiece.

    Stay focused! Ted

  2. I love it Ted! Thanks for sharing!