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The Secret to Living Greatly


One Response to “The Secret to Living Greatly”

  1. This is how it works…in order to LIVE GREATLY you must first know what you want. You must have a clear compelling goal. Then you must focus on three core areas.
    1. Be a solution – many people focus on the problem. They bitch, they complain, they criticize, they complain, they blame others. Rather than give in to weakness and fear, step up and focus on the solution. Find a way to make a positive difference.
    2. Be a servant – now this may not sound glamorous or even fun. When I speak of being a servant I don’t mean like Cinderella scrubbing the floors type servant. I am mean being a leader who serves the highest good. Do what is right and selflessly giving of your self. I think Anthony Robbins said it best, “The secret to living is giving.”
    3. Self-Improvement – When you lead as a servant and give selflessly this does not mean you neglect your own needs and health. Quite the opposite. To be selfless and to serve requires that you be your best -physically, mentally, emotionally. You must develop the habit of continuous self-improvement. You must condition your mind and body as well as take the time to relax and recover. It is only when you are vital, strong, energized and beam confidence that we are truly able to serve at the highest level.