Mental Conditioning

Failure is NOT an option

"Failure is NOT an option."-U.S. Navy Seals What if you lived with this mindset? You would laugh in the face of fear and march forward unflinchingly. Could you do this? Would you do this? Let me hear you. Post your comment below.


4 Responses to “Failure is NOT an option”

  1. Farg says:

    Inspiring! Could you imagine if just one man on that ship did not live by that credo…the whole system would fail and ultimately be sunk! I guess what you are saying is the exact SAME THING with oursleves….Do Not Fail!

  2. The Dragon says:

    If we all lived by this principle the world would be a very different place.

    We would not accept many things we have absorbed into our lives and not even noticed. The quality of the foods we put in our bodies, the standards we measure ourselves by, the dreams we so often abandon because of fear.

    As long you’re striving to attain your goals you haven’t failed. The failure is in laying down and giving up

    Great Message!!


  3. Well Stated El DRAGON!

  4. Paul G says:

    A good friend of mind told me a great quote that I feel applies to that saying “what you think about you bring about”. If you allow yourself to think you will fail than ultimately you will fail, but if you truly believe your goal is possible then you will succeed. Your path to greatness mite not look like what you imagined as you go through it, but that doesnt mean it isnt still your path to greatness. We must stay resilliant and continue to believe that failure is not an option. The only option is to keep trying and never never never give up. Ps well said dragon and billy you truly are inspirationally.