Mental Conditioning

BAD Obsession?

A Powerful lesson for achieving your goals is to…

VISUALIZE with Intense Desire

(that borders on complete obsession)

Obsession is a word that many people regard as a bad thing, as negative. I do not agree and you must do the same if you are going to achieve your all-time best body.  In order to achieve any type of great change including physical change then it is imperative that you create and hold a constant vision of what you desire.

You must see it and feel it.

When I was going into my senior year in high school, I was not the

most talented athlete and had only started one game my entire varsity

career. I wanted to be great and would stop at nothing to get what I

wanted. I read a book on sports psychology and followed the

instructions without fail. I set five goals for the upcoming season.

  • To be named captain of the team
  • To beat our cross-town rivals who we had not beaten in over a decade
  • To make the play-offs for the first time in 14 years.
  • To be awarded First Team All-Conference
  • To arouse interest from college coaches and play football at the collegiate level

To Get Focused, Be Sure You Have a Target. Set Goals.

In addition to my extremely intense conditioning program and rigid

eating strategy, I implanted a mental conditioning protocol where I

visualized myself as having already achieved my goals. So vivid were

the “movies in my mind” that I really believed that I was actually living

it. I would feel my heart rate increase and a warm, burning sensation

course through my veins.

To take this a step further I studied films of our opponents, breaking

down each formation and looking for tendencies. Then I found an old

cassette recorder. With this device, I recorded my own voice as if I

was the announcer of the game. Of course, we always won and I

always played my “perfect game”. Each night before I went to sleep I

would put on my head phones and listen to the recording. These tapes

served as a valuable visualization tool. By the time, the game arrived I

felt as if we had already won and it was only a matter of showing up.

As you may have guessed, I achieved all of my goals. It was not by

accident. This was by design. I had always wanted to excel in sports

yet it wasn’t until I trained my mind and my body together that I was

able to do so. So how do you put this into action?

Begin by writing down what you want and constantly focus on it.

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Until next week my friends,


Billy Beck III

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2 Responses to “BAD Obsession?”

  1. Jess says:

    Well, Dain and I coached soccer for 4 years, and 2 years ago marked history for the soccer team at Silver Trail. Darin introduced a lot of Tony Robbins methods and visualization techniques to myself and my soccer girls. Make a long story short, he taught them how to visualize their goal (to win the county championship). He also said that they had to have the mind set and the desire to do it. Before every game we did a certain cheer to get their minds inthe game. We had meetings the nghts prior to big games to ge tthem motivated and visualize their goals for the next day. We even had a practice without a soccer ball to get their mind in the game and SEE what was going to happen. Well, that year we beat the BEST teams in the county, as we took the title as county champs. I am a big believer in that visualizing a goal helps motivate and keep your mind positive. We incrporated the famous “coolmass” as every player used it if they started to “lose it” out there onthe field. they would chant coolmass and you would see a fire in each one of them light up and just take over the field. It was truly amazing. Darin actually told the girls that we would win 3-2, in the final championship game. Well, I don’t know why he didn’t say 5-0, or somehting better, BUT we actually won 3-2 in the finals!! I really believe this had a great effect onthem, and it is something that they now take with them. I went to a game last night, and they all started to chant coolmass!!! they took the county title again last night.

  2. Wow! That’s a great story Jess! You and Darin have the MAGIC! thanks for sharing! 🙂