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Verbal Caffeine from Michelangelo!

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our
aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim
too low and achieving our mark.”
— Michelangelo


2 Responses to “Verbal Caffeine from Michelangelo!”

  1. The Dragon says:

    Great quote!

    I like the message here, many people set goals they know they can achieve because the mind seeks comfort. The brain wants to play it safe and satisfy those basic needs food, shelter, clothing, etc.

    Here’s the catch.

    Most people sell themselves short, essentially selling their dreams of grandeur for 3 squares a day and the ability to put a roof over their heads. There can be no fault found in this logic, however, it does little for the adventurous human spirit.

    Sometime after they’ve buried the desire to soar it inevitably returns and leads to bitterness and regret.

    Indeed this mindset is the reason that a small percentage of people control a large percentage of the world.

    Game, Dragon.

  2. Well stated El Dragon! Very true. Raising ones standards, expecting more from yourself than anyone else could possibly expect is the cornerstone of Living Greatly. In fact, the first person I heard speaking of this was a basketball player named…Michael Jordan. case closed. Step UP!